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The Charlestown Neighborhood Council conducts its affairs/business primarily through its committee structure. Examples of committees include, but are not limited to: Public Safety, Development, Basic Services, Transportation, Mitigation, and Election. Any and all recommendations of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council standing and other committees must be approved by a majority vote of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council.


Members of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council are eligible to be members of any committees of the council and shall have equal vote. Members of the public can participate in committee meetings as non-voting members.

Executive Committee

Chair: Tom Cunha

The Executive Committee consists of the five (5) elected officers of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council. The Executive Committee transacts necessary administrative business between meetings of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council and acts in emergencies which cannot wait until the next regular meeting.


Basic Services Committee

Chair: Tim McKenna

The Basic Services Committee, as the name would suggest, is responsible for ensuring the smooth and consistent administration of city public services such as trash pickup, snow removal, parks and fields improvements, parking enforcement, street cleaning, etc...


Development Committee


  • Richard McCarthy

  • Nancy Johnsen

The CNC Development Committee meets as needed to review certain proposed real estate projects within Charlestown. The CNC Development Committee requests presentations at a duly noticed public meeting from proponents of real estate projects within Charlestown that exceed 4 residential units or are comprised of more than one thousand square feet of commercial space. At these meetings the proponents are subject to questions and feedback from the CNC members present and from members of the community in attendance. Any CNC member may participate with the Development Committee. The CNC Committee through its co-chairs reports back to the entire CNC, which then votes on whether to take a position with respect to the proposed project, and may authorize the Chair to send a letter of support or opposition to the appropriate agency.

Politician Greeting Children

Election Committee

CoChairs: Barbara Babin. 

The Election Committee facilitates clear communication between election officials and the citizens of Charlestown, ensuring residents are aware of elections and polling places.

Public Safety Committee


  • Ed Grace

  • Eileen Ward

The Public Safety Committee maintains close relationships and communication with the local Boston Police Department, monitoring crime trends over time and ensuring transparency and responsiveness.

Public Transportation

Transportation Committee

Chair: Vacant

The Transportation Committee works with local transportation officials to understand any changes to the public transportation services run by the City of Boston. This includes everything from Blue Bikes to bus routes to MBTA subway lines.

Veterans Affairs Committee

Chair: Sean Boyle

Coming soon

Together Again
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Harbor Alliance Committee

Chair: Vacant

Coming soon


Small Business Committee

Chair: Sean Boyle

Coming soon

 250th Commemoration of the Revolutionary War Committee

Chair: Rosemary Macero

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