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Welcome to the Charlestown Neighborhood Council


A welcome message from the CNC

Welcome to the Charlestown Neighborhood Council website. We strive to facilitate communication between our neighborhood and the government of the city of Boston. Beyond that simple mandate, we additionally work to foster a sense of community and provide a welcoming forum for neighbors of every background to come together to share ideas.


On September 5, 2023, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council voted 

unanimously to object to the draft of PLAN:Charlestown and called for the BPDA to hold in person, community meetings in Charlestown. You can read our letter to Mayor Wu and the BPDA here:

Letter to Editor, Charlestown Patriot Bridge, 9/14/2023:

To the Editor: On September 5, 2023, the Charlestown Community Council voted unanimously at their general meeting to object to the approval of the draft PLAN and the related zoning code changes  before in-person community meetings are held in Charlestown. Our objection letter is available on our website:  


The council calls on the Mayor and the BPDA to create a community centered, transparent approval and close-out process by: attending community meetings in-person, in Charlestown where our neighbors can hear, see, and interact directly with the Mayor, BPDA Chief Jemison, their respective staffs, our elected officials and each other; revising the draft Plan approval schedule to a more realistic time frame that allows for meaningful community engagement; and providing thoughtful, transparent, and data driven answers to the community’s questions, especially concerning the origins of the unexpected building height increases along Medford St. and at the Bunker Hill Mall and how the draft Plan’s proposed growth will be supported.


The council believes that in-person community meetings are necessary given the significant, unilateral changes made by the BPDA in the draft Plan published on July 28, 2023 - which were never presented to the community, and which also violate the guiding principles of the Plan as communicated to the community by the BPDA over the course of countless meetings. The September 6th revised draft Plan and the September 11th close-out meeting hosted on Zoom by the BPDA did not allay our concerns regarding these issues.  The council is offering to host one of the community meetings to provide a neutral forum that is not controlled by the proponents of the draft Plan and where all residents may speak.


The council has not been made aware of any circumstances requiring the immediate approval of the draft Plan and related zoning changes.  Community members who volunteered any amount of their time, expertise, or community knowledge to the years-long  Plan: Charlestown process and the entire neighborhood, deserve far better treatment from the administration and the BPDA than what we have seen in the BPDA's hasty closeout and approval process.   


We invite the residents of Charlestown join us in asking Mayor Wu and BPDA Chief Jemison to extend the PLAN: Charlestown comment period until in-person community meetings are held in Charlestown and significant open questions about the Plan are addressed.  Be sure to copy the individuals listed below on your emails.  Thank you for engaging in Charlestown’s future.




The Charlestown Neighborhood Council

Mayor Wu:

BPDA Chief:
District 1 City Councilor:,,

BPDA Community Engagement Manager>
ONS Charlestown Liaison>,,,,


The  BPDA has extended the comments on the final draft of PLAN: Charlestown.

Please put your comments and concerns in writing (email is fine) to Mayor Wu ( and copy:

Election: November 2023:

In November, the CNC will hold an election for the eight (8) at-large council seats.  Stay tuned for more information about the nomination process and election schedule.  

Elections by class:

  • At-large seats: election November 2023, seated January 2024, term Jan 2024- Dec 2026

  • Precinct seats: election November 2024, seated January 2025, term Jan 2025-Dec 2027

  • Non-Profit seats: reconfirmed November 2025, seated January 2026, term Jan 2026-Dec 2028

Fall 2023 General Meeting Schedule

Click on meeting date for event information.


Council members may hold coffee hours to gather community feedback on many current matters including PLAN:Charlestown, traffic and safety, and other issues affecting the neighborhood.  Check our social media accounts for updates.  You can reach out to council members anytime with ideas, questions, and concerns about Charlestown.

Who is my precinct representative on the CNC ? 

  1. Look-up your voting precinct using your residential address (you do not need to be registered to vote!) at 

  2. Go to About Us on this website and look for the representative elected from your voting precinct. 

Did you know? At-Large representatives represent all Charlestown residents, so feel free to contact them regardless of your precinct!

Who Are We?

Discover who your representative is! Also get a better understanding of what we do and how we are set up.

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