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Welcome to the Charlestown Neighborhood Council


A welcome message from the CNC

Welcome to the Charlestown Neighborhood Council website. We strive to facilitate communication between our neighborhood and the government of the city of Boston. Beyond that simple mandate, we additionally work to foster a sense of community and provide a welcoming forum for neighbors of every background to come together to share ideas.

2023 At-large Election:

On December 7, 2023, the council seated eight (8) at-large members to serve three (3) year terms: Philip X Carr III, Thomas Cunha, Elaine Donovan, Crystal Galvin, Johanna Hynes, JD Mangrum, Kelly Tucker, and Erin Woods.  

Thank-you departing members!

Three (3) at-large council members  - Barbara Babin, Ed Grace, and John Caldwell - chose not to run for re-election and their terms ended at the December CNC meeting.  Barbara Babin and Ed Grace retired from the council after 25 and 32 years, respectively.  We are grateful for their lengthy service and unwavering dedication to Charlestown.   Nancy Johnsen, the 02129 Neighbor Alliance representative, will end her term on December 31, 2023. The work of these four (4) departing council members has benefitted the community in innumerable ways. We will miss them all! 

Winter / Spring 2024 General Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday, January 2, 2024 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Tuesday June 4, 2024


Check Meetings for updates.


Council members may hold coffee hours to gather community feedback on many current matters including PLAN:Charlestown, traffic and safety, and other issues affecting the neighborhood.  Check our social media accounts for updates.  You can reach out to council members anytime with ideas, questions, and concerns about Charlestown.

Who is my precinct representative on the CNC ? 

Look-up your voting precinct using your residential address (you do not need to be registered to vote!)  at 


Then find the representative for your voting precinct in the About section.

Did you know?  At-Large representatives represent all Charlestown residents, so feel free to contact them regardless of your precinct!

Who Are We?

Discover who your representative is! Also get a better understanding of what we do and how we are set up.

When Are Meetings?

Learn about the meeting schedule and the process to raise concerns to the Council!

What's New?

Dig into the projects that are addressing the most pressing issues facing the Charlestown community today!

How Do You Reach Us?

Interested in reaching out with a comment or concern? Find out about the process of contacting us!

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